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Recruiter Advisory and Business Development

for Recroot Tech

in New York City

The Job

The role involves both Business Development and Advisory work. Business Development will take the most time and is the more critical of the two functions.

Biz Dev involves a daily effort to set up and hold in-person meetings with Recruiting Managers and HR Department heads of various companies. These will be pre-sales meetings where you attempt to learn what it would take for these potential customers to want to buy our product (what do they need it to do for them).

The Team

As a startup, we are a small team of three core people.

​Brad, the CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur and product designer. He has worked in China, India, Mozambique, and San Francisco over the past 15 years - both for other startups and his own. He has focused much of his efforts expanding clean technologies throughout the world but is more of an efficiency enthusiast and product person than anything else.

Will, the Product Manager, has extensive experience getting hardware and software products off the ground. He is a meticulous digital organizer and loves spreadsheets a little too much. He grew up in Taiwan and speaks rad Mandarin.

Kenny (aka Fingleton), though an actuary by trade, applies his detail oriented nature to the many operations and product related challenges we face on a day to day basis. Chief mockup maker, money manager, and take on new challenges-er guy.

The Company

We are a NYC based startup, founded in 2016 to simplify the process of finding and getting  hired for great jobs.

We believe the standard job application process offers little transparency to job seekers and due to being outnumbered, human recruiters will never be able to give us the feedback we need to improve our job search and evaluation process with each successive application.

Work Hours
Sales work will need to be done during typical business hours to respect the schedules of our customers, while team advisory and other work hours are flexible.

Pay & Benefits
We will offer a basic hourly rate of between $50-70 hour, plus two levels of success fees. One for meetings set and held with relevant potential customers, and a second level for completed sales. The success fees are subject to further consideration and negotiation.

As this is a contract position, we will reimburse you for expenses incurred from transportation, communication, and incidentals, but we are not offering health or other benefits yet.

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